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Gut Check

At Caduceus Pharmacy, we take true pride in standing on the forefront of health. Always seeking to provide the people we serve with the very best, we now offer gut check — a new way to discover food sensitivities that could be the root cause of health and wellness issues. Food sensitivities have been shown to contribute to both physical and mental health issues, and by knowing which foods are problematic for you, you can help yourself to live a more healthful life.

How It Works

Through the use of innovative microbiome testing technology, we measure your Enzyme Linked Immuno-Assay (ELISA), which are prominent antibodies. This helps us to discover food sensitivities that could be causing weight gain and other adverse reactions. We send a drop of blood to the lab for analysis. You will have a consult with a doctor to discuss the findings and he will make recommendations.



Why You Need It

Many of us have food sensitivities we don’t even know about that cause issues for our health, which we may have attributed to other factors until now. However, in recent years, the medical community has come to realize that many of these issues can be linked to reactive foods. These are different for everyone, and the test will help us to determine which are unique to you. After that, you’ll be able to avoid those foods for better health.

To set up a gut check appointment, call us today. We’d be happy to speak with you.